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New Gaming Licensing


Why things are changing


The Government wants to facilitate a more sustainable gaming industry that offers freedom of choice, supports industry certainty and jobs, and provides appropriate player protections. The returns from gaming will be shared appropriately among the gaming industry, players and the Government representing the community.

Gaming operators in hotels and clubs will have more responsibilities, but will receive a greater share of the returns.

Amendments to the Gaming Control Act 1993 were passed by Parliament in November 2021 to reform the licensing structure for gaming in Tasmania, as well as other changes to create a new gaming environment from 1 July 2023.


What do the amendments do?

  • End Federal Group’s exclusive right to operate gaming in Tasmania;

  • In​troduce venue licences for the operation of electronic gaming (EGMs) for hotels and clubs;

  • Decrease the State-wide cap for EGMs by 150;

  • Open the monitoring operator licence to oversee the network of EGMs in hotels and clubs to a tender process;

  • Create two new high roller non-resident casino licences;

  • Increase funding available to the community through the Community Support Fund by increasing the Community Support Levy (CSL) payable by hotels and expanding it to apply to casino EGMs;

  • Redistribute the returns from gaming; and

  • Provide for transitional arrangements to ensure we can easily move from the current model to the future model.