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New Gaming Licensing



​​As a new venue licence holder you will be responsible for the payment of licence fees, tax and a community support levy.

Make sure you understand your new financial obligations and how to meet them.

One-off application fee

Everyone who applies for a venue licence will pay an application fee. This fee covers the costs associated with assessing your application. 

As at 1 July 2022, application fees are:

OfferingApplication fee
Keno only$1 416.10

Gaming machines OR

Keno and gaming machines

$1 657.50

If your Licensed Premises Gaming Licence (LPGL) is due to expire before 1 July 2023, your fees may be varied.  The Liquor and Gaming Branch will contact you and advise of any change to fees.

Different fee rates apply if you are a new operator or haven't operated EGMs in the last six months. Contact the Liquor and Gaming Branch to discuss your specific circumstances. 

Annual licence fee

Venue operators will pay an annual licence fee in advance through quarterly instalments. The amount you pay will depend on:

  • whether you operate EGMs and keno, or keno only; and
  • how many gaming authorities are endorsed on your licence.

Keno fees

The 2023-24 keno annual fee will be determined prior to the end of the 2022-23 financial year. This fee will be payable on 1 July 2023 in a single instalment. The value of this fee is adjusted annually.


Venues operating EGMs are subject to the quarterly fees listed in the table below.  If a venue also operates keno, the keno fee will form part of their first instalment. Venues will pay a progressive licence fee between $1 000 and $2 500 per EGM for the 2023-24 financial year:​

Number of EGMsLicence fees
0-5$1 000 per EGM #1-5
6-10$5 000 for EGMs #1-5; plus $1 300 per EGM #6-10
$11 500 For EGMs #1-10; plus $1 600 per EGM #11-15
16-20$19 500 for EGMs #1-15; plus $1 900 per EGM #16-20
21-25$29 000 for EGMs #1-20; plus $2 200 per EGM #21-25
26+$40 000 for EGMs #1-25; plus $2 500 per EGM #26+

The value of this fee is adjusted annually.

Monthly tax and levy on EGM gross profits

Venue operators will pay a tax and a community support levy on their monthly EGM gross profits.

Hotels will pay tax at a rate of 33.91 per cent and the community support levy at a rate of five per cent. Clubs will pay tax at a rate of 32.91 per cent and the community support levy at a rate of four per cent.

At the end of each month, the monitoring operator will advise each venue operator and the State of gross profit data. The State Revenue Office will then advise each venue operator how much they need to pay in tax and for the levy, for that period. Venue operators must then pay this amount to the Commissioner of State Revenue by the 14th day of the month.

Ongoing fees

The following fees will also be payable by venue operators to th​​​e Licensed Monitoring Operator:

  • a prescribed 'Core Monitoring' fee - for EGM monitoring and functions such as help desk services, basic reporting, tax verification, complaints investigation and significant event monitoring; and

  • set fees for 'Regulated' functions that can only be performed by the LMO such as installation, repair and maintenance of EGMs, jackpot monitoring and disposal/destruction of EGMs.​

These fees will be set when the LMO is appointed later in 2022.