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New Gaming Licensing


Be clear about the additional responsibilities

​​​​​​​​There will be new responsibilities and choices for you as a venue operator, primarily if operating EGMs

From 1 July 2023, the following changes will commence:

Responsibility Previous LPG LicenceNew Venue Licence
Licence term5 years20 years
Monitoring & maintenanceGaming OperatorMonitoring Operator
Help desk & complaintsGaming OperatorMonitoring Operator
Install EGMs, venue prep
Gaming OperatorMonitoring Operator
Choose games, EGMsGaming Operator/venueVenue
Finance equipmentGaming OperatorVenue
Purchase/lease equipmentGaming operator/venueVenue
EGM transport/storageGaming OperatorVenue
Staff trainingGaming OperatorVenue
SignageGaming OperatorVenue
Pay wins, jackpots, taxesGaming OperatorVenue
Keno operatorsGaming OperatorKeno Operator​

If you plan to operate EGMs, you will be responsible for:

  • buying, leasing, or financing electronic gaming machines (EGMs) and other gaming equipment - see the equipment page for more information;
  • payment of all taxes (including GST), licence fees and contribution to the Community Support Levy;
  • payment of all EGM winnings, including jackpot prizes; and
  • payment of the Licensed Monitoring Operator fees, including daily monitoring fees and occasional service fees.
​​You will also be responsible for EGM transport and storage, staff training and signage, promotion and marketing. Some of these activities may be contracted to a third party, subject to a commercial arrangement.

The regulatory environment is being overhauled for the new arrangements. Work is underway to simplify the structure of codes, rules, standards, venue operating procedures and regulations. An online portal for the payment of tax is also being developed.

Further detail on the changes to your responsibilities is coming. You are encouraged to regularly check the website which will be progressively updated.

Fees and taxes payable by venue operators

As a venue operator you will be responsible for paying a one-off application fee and an annual licence fee regardless of whether you operate keno and/or EGMs.

If you plan to operate EGMs, you will also be responsible for any fees payable to the Monitoring Operator, monthly tax and a monthly contribution to the Community Support Levy calculated as a percentage of the gross profits gained from EGM activity. For more information on specific tax rates and fees, see the fees page.

New Monitoring Operator

Maxgaming is the Licenced Monitoring Operator responsible for monitoring EGMs in hotels and clubs from 1 July 2023.

MAX has met with Licensed Premises Gaming Licence holders and is progressively rolling out the required cabling changes to all EGM venues in advance of transition to the new licensing system. There will be a standard service agreement between venues and the monitoring operator. This Venue Agreement will be approved by the Commission.

MAX will be responsible for:

  • ​Core monitoring functions, including help desk services, tax verification, investigation of complaints, addition of EGM games and reporting.
  •  Regulated functions:​
    • ​venue modifications (non-structural such as wiring, bases and telecommunications)
    • installation, repair, and maintenance of EGMS
    •  jackpot monitoring
    • destruction of EGMs​