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New Gaming Licensing


Be clear about the additional responsibilities

​​​​​​​There will be new responsibilities and choices for you as a venue operator

From July 2023, as the holder of a venue licence (venue operator), you will be able to make decisions about how your business operates by looking at the data on the EGMs you have, choosing what games you wish to operate and entering agreements to purchase or lease EGMs.

You may choose to get a third party to do this for you.

You will also be responsible for EGM transport and storage, staff training and signage. Some of these activities may be contracted to a third party, subject to a commercial arrange​ment.

Venue operators will be solely responsible for paying all EGM winnings including jackpot prizes.

Fees and taxes applying to venue operators

As a venue operator you will be responsible for paying a one-off application fee and an annual licence fee (paid quarterly up front).

You will also pay a monthly tax and a community support levy on EGM gross profits. For more information, see the fees page.

There will be a licence to monitor the EGM network

The monitoring operator licence will be issued during the second half of 2022 following a public tender. The licensee will monitor the state-wide EGM network  in hotels and clubs.

There will be a standard service agreement between venues and the monitoring operator.  The fees to be charged by the monitoring operator will be set through the tender process. Venue operators will pay the fees directly to the monitoring operator.

There will be new processes for buying and leasing EGMs and other gaming equipment

Venue operators will have the option to purchase or lease their own EGMs. For further information about the new equipment arrangements, see the equipment page​​.